About us

Telling about oneself is always a bit embarrassing.

I could say that our Clients – over 8,000 in these 45 years of activity – are satisfied with the collaboration; I could point out the over 100 published catalogues; I could list the big collections we have been entrusted for wholesaling or retailing, or the great bargains we have offered that revaluated over the years.

I prefer leaving to You the “pleasure” of knowing us either by a direct contact or through the particular offers we include in our periodic sales which represent our main commitment. The welcome given to our Clients demonstrate the reliability and devotion we put in our work. A unique setting, elegant and refined, will allow you to make your purchases in an atmosphere of absolute tranquility thanks to our Staff’s professionality and politeness.

Hoping that this is the start of a mutual satisfaction, I wish you a “nice trip” in our website!

Daniele Fischer and the Team of Philatelia in Rome